As with any occasion, a means of reflecting what an event is all about could be the array of costumes worn on the day. And such is often the case with bachelorette parties where the bride-to-be gets to flow with her girlfriends in different outfits that could include:

  • Customized T-shirts: Having customized t-shirts for every guest help set the tone for a memorable bachelorette party. Though the shirts might be of the same colour; words can be imprinted on them in order to show who is who at the party- at least, the bride-to-be's T-shirt should carry a distinct message.
  • Veils: As a way of complementing the bride-to-be's costume, veil- that might vary in length could be worn. The veil should be worn in a symbolic manner by the 'star' of the event.
  • Tiaras: A tiara will look cool on the 'queen of the night' as she steps out to party with the girls. Notwithstanding, each of the girls in the crew can have one (tiara) on- only that the one worn by the bride-to-be must be distinguished [from the lot] in some ways.
  • Feather Boas: Well, a set of feather boas could be useful if you [being the bride-to-be] intend going out with the girls to party. The boas should be worn in a matching fashion in order to create a kind of awareness.
  • Phallic Items: It might be weird to have phallic items around in some other setting but definitely not at the venue of a bachelorette party- these items are intended to prep the mind of the bride for 'what lies ahead'.
  • Shot Glass Necklaces: This set of necklaces serve to both accessories your outfit, and also something you can use to drink at the party. Every guest can have a shot glass necklace worn round the neck.
    • Costume Jewelry: Coupled with the other outfits, costume jewelry will create a group identity. You can have the girls wear some wristbands or bracelets, and you might decide to settle for faux diamonds.